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Since 2018, ELFBAR has been making an effort to product innovation via a smart heating system as we discover the need for natural-based taste and more healthy ways of vaping are thriving year by year. To better control the formula and puff to transfer a repeatable experience to our customers, the products have been obedient to the keyword of Elfbar: healthier and better. After thousands of tastes and experiments, we found methods of making our products harm-free materials, pure taste and delicate design, only to present you products that will surely meet your demand.


What Is the Minimum Age to Purchase ELFBAR?

You must be of legal smoking age in your state/country.

I never tried elf bar which one should I pick?

If you are a daily smoker we recommend you try the 2% products for the first time. However if you never smoked before, then we recommend keeping this attitude and do not start smoking. :)

What sort Of E-Liquid Is in an Elf Bar?

Elf Bar contains e-liquid and utilizes salt nicotine instead of the basic freebase. Nicotine salt e-liquid provides a much smoother throat hit while vaping. This can create shifting to vaping that much simpler. It also convinces appetites rapidly as it is consumed by the body faster. When it comes to flavour, you’ll have a bunch of alternatives, and this broad variation tells you it’s simple to find something you’ll get. There are candy, tobacco, fruit, menthol, and dessert mixtures usable to try.

How Many Puffs Are In An Elf Bar?

Disposables are often recorded with a puff score. This puff count lends a reminder as to how to extend each will last founded on how many times you can breathe on the tool before it operates out of e-liquid and/or battery. 

How can I be sure whether my ELFBAR is original or fake?

To verify your product, please click here.


What about Tax and Customs/Duty if I order from a country within the EU?

Since we ship from an EU warehouse, therefore you do not need to pay any extra tax or duty. Your package will be with you shortly after placing an order without any problem. 

Can these products be sold in my country?

Before ordering, please check whether the product can be distributed in your country. Please be aware some products may not legal in every country. Please kindly check your country's law before placing an order.

How to Know When an ELFBAR Is Empty?

If the liquid/taste runs out or it feels burnt the device cannot be used anymore. The battery capacity strongly depends on the usage. When you cannot puff out anything, it is empty.

What does it mean if the led on my ELFBAR is blinking?

If you experience this effect, that means the battery is empty.

How to dispose of an empty ELFBAR?

Please be informed about the local regulations regarding the disposal of the device.


How can I contact ELFBARVAPE if I have any further questions?

You can contact us via online support chat on weekdays from 8 AM until 4 PM (CET) or anytime via e-mail at [email protected]